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While this property is the home to the Plantation House hotel, the improvements are modest and this prime real estate calls out for a more upscale venture. The splendid location makes this property an exceptional investment. Among the possible improvements are the increment of available beds and the development of a casino if the new project has 50 double beds or more. It is worth mentioning that there is no casino in the island at the moment. Port Elizabeth, which is only minutes away from the property, serves as a port to international cruise liners. The property could exploit the tourists coming down from the cruise liners that might be interested in gambling. It could also count with tourists from other nearby islands where there are no casinos either. The hillside provides an excellent opportunity for the development of private home and villas, which would oversee the resort and the bay. The tourism and offshore banking sectors are the main sources of revenue for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Therefore, investments in these two areas are strongly supported by the government since they improve the economic infrastructure of the island.

The lot consists of 18.85 acres of land with approximately 500 feet (170 meters) of beach frontage at Admiralty Bay in Port Elizabeth, which could be expanded with the appropriate government approval. Plantation House is located at a large and well-protected deep-water natural harbor on the west side of the island. Its beauty lies in its lush vegetation and views which are nothing but inspiring. The hotel has a total of 27 rooms equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable television, in-room safe, mini-bar, telephone, and private balconies that offer magnificent views of the ocean or garden. The facilities include two restaurants; pool; windsurfing; tennis; boutique; island tours; use of water sports equipment; bar; diving; yacht charters; laundry service; and day sails. More detailed information about the hotel and its facilities can be found in the "Property" section of this document or in the hotel's web site www.hotel-plantation.net

The current visitor profile to the Grenadines is 25% American citizens, 25% United Kingdom citizens, and 50% from various parts of the world.

The following are some of the advantageous offshore benefits offered by the government of St. Vincent & The Grenadines:

-Hotel Aids benefits for 20 years in a manner that the individual condominium owners may enjoy those benefits, including those related to taxation and to repatriation of profits and the proceeds realized in the event of a sale of a condominium asset.

-Fast track Alien Landholding License approval

-Fast track approval of architectural and engineering plans

-Exemption from duty on the importation of all materials necessary for the redevelopment of The Plantation House hotel.

-A license to operate a casino on the property


-Approval to improve the beach frontage of the hotel

-Approval of an agreed-upon number of work permits necessary for the professional operation of the resort

Financial Results The land is being promoted as a development opportunity taking advantage of the improvements already performed on the property.

Location Bequia is located 9 miles south of St. Vincent or about an hour's sail away. Plantation House is located in Bequia's Admiralty Bay, 1/2mile south of Port Elizabeth. The area is being promoted as one of the sailing capitals of the Caribbean.

Since Bequia is situated in the southern part of the Caribbean, it is less susceptible to hurricanes making it very well known among the yachting community as it provides natural protection.


The island of Bequia counts with an international airport (James F. Mitchell). This modern facility opened in 1992 and it is only ten minutes from St. Vincent by either scheduled or chartered flights. The airport landing strip is suitable for small jets and dual prop airplanes with capacity up to 30 people.

From US and Canada: -BWIA, American, or Air Canada to Barbados, then either: LIAT to St. Vincent then ferry to Bequia; or Air Mustique or SVG Air direct to Bequia. -American Eagle from Puerto Rico to St. Vincent and the ferry to Bequia, or Air Mustique or SVG Air direct to Bequia,

From Europe-. -British Airways or Virgin Air to Barbados then either-LIAT to St. Vincent then ferry to Bequia; or Air Mustique or SVG Air direct to Bequia. -Air France, other lines to Martinique, then LIAT, or Air Martinique to St. Vincent or Bequia. -Cotidor from Frankfurt to St. Lucia (Fridays only) then Air Mustique to Bequia

International cruise liners make stops in Port Elizabeth in Admiralty Bay. Plantation House is minutes away from Port Elizabeth.

Climate On the coast, average daytime temperature ranges from 24 degree C / 75 degree F to 30 C / 87 F. The nights are cooler. Comparably lower temperatures prevail between November and February. The dry season lasts from January to April and the rainy season spans July through October consisting of frequent but short showers.

Other Hotels in the Area

Hotel Name     Rooms Hotel Name Rooms
Banana Cabanas     8 Island Inn Apartments 6
Bay View Appartments     8 Julie and Isola's Guest House 19
Beguia Beach Club     10 Keegan's Beach Resort 11
Blue Tropic Hotel     10 IKingsville Apartments 8
Cadbbean Apartments       Leslie's Apartments  
Creole Garden Hotel       Ljahftiouse Villas  
Crescent Beach Inn     3 L'auberge des Granadines 6
De Reef Apartments     5 The Old Fort Country Inn 6
Flaminao and Turde Point Villas   Olive Cottage Apartments 1
The Frangipani     15 Papa Mitch Guest House  
Friendship Bay Hotel     28 Plantation House 27
Friendship Estate Apartments 4 Spring on Beguia 10
Gingerbread Hotel       The Village Apartments 8
The Hibiscus Apartments     14 The Whaleboner Inn  

It can be concluded from the table above that there is a reasonably well-developed tourism infrastructure in Bequia. At the same time, it is important to mention that the Plantation House is the largest and most prestigious hotel in the island. It also enjoys the largest beach frontage, which is only partially exploited at the moment.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Facts and Figures

-Official Language: English -Population: Circa 112,000 -Area: 150 Square Miles (389 Square KN1) -Time zone: EST +1; GMT -4 -Form of Government: UK-style representative system -The executive: A cabinet is appointed by the Prime Minister, currently Sir Ralf Gonzalvez -Head of state: FIN4 Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a Governor-General -National Legislature: Bicameral parliament; 15-member house of assembly directly elected; 6member Senate (4 appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister, 2 on the advice of the leader of the opposition); parliament sits for 5 years terms. -Main Political Parties: Government -New Democratic Party (NDP); Opposition -Unity Labor Party (ULP) -Legal System: Based on UK common law as exercised by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Justice; provision is made for appeal to the Privy Council of London -Telecommunications: St. Vincent and the Grenadines enjoys a state-of-the-art international communications network operated by Cable & Wireless (West Indies) who provide a national and international fully digital service, which includes telephone, fax and telex. Direct dialing (code -784). There is also an efficient postal service and international courier service. -Currency: The Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), which is subdivided into 100 cents. It is pegged to the US dollar at a parity of US$ 1.0 = EC$2.70, since 1976 -when it was removed from sterling standard. -Driving: Vehicles drive on the left -Business Hours: Business and government offices normally open at 8 AM for an eight-hour working day with one hour for lunch -Monday to Friday. Most banks are open from 8 AM to 3:30 PM -Fridays from 8 AM to 5 PM. -Electric Current: 220V 50 Hz. English 3-pin plugs -Economy: St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a mixed economy of agriculture, informatics, offshore financial services and tourism -with the later two sectors the main income earner. -Government Fiscal Year: April to March -Main trading partners: North America, the Caribbean and European Union Countries.


The subject property comprises the Plantation House hotel land, located in the area known as Belmont Estates on Bequia, an island of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea. The land comprises a total of 821,000 square feet, or 18.85 acres.

The subject site is irregular in shape. The parcel of land has approximately 500 feet of beach frontage at Admiralty Bay in Port Elizabeth. Most of the site slopes gently eastward away from the beach to elevations up to 150 feet above mean sea level. At the southern end of the site, the terrain is steeply sloped, with rocky outcroppings near the sea.

The property contains lush vegetation, including mature fruit trees. Much of the site is actively landscaped and improved with footpaths. The site is accessible from Belmont Road, the area's key thoroughfare, which leads to the center of Port Elizabeth approximately 1/2mile to the north. The site is improved with a desalinization system for its water supply, with equipment housed in a service structure; the system includes underground storage tanks and irrigation conduits. Wastewater is disposed through a septic system on the property. The site is served by municipal electric ser-vice.

The plantation house is a resort hotel, which features a bar and restaurant, pool, tennis, and water sports. Accommodations include 17 furnished individual cottages (or cabanas) with ceiling fans and fully air-conditioned, one 3-room beach unit, one 2-room unit behind beach bar, and 5 air-conditioned rooms in the colonial-style main house. Other building improvements include a beach bar, windsurf shed, manager's residence, staff quarters, storage shed, electrician quarter, print building, maintenance building, and transformer shed. Site improvements consist of a tennis court, main entrance drive, retaining walls, sea wall, jetties, walkways, and landscaping.


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